Organic Turkish Apricots, dried


Certified Organic.

Containers are reusable and included in the price.

Measurements are approximate and not exact.

Currently serving Berkeley, Oakland, and San Leandro (newly added!).

  • FREE delivery for orders over $20
  • $5 delivery for orders $10-19

To minimize our carbon footprint, we group our deliveries by area. Berkeley and Oakland deliveries occur on Mondays and Thursdays 9am - 9pm. San Leandro deliveries occur Wednesdays 9am - 9pm.

The cutoff time for placing an order is noon the day before. For example, if your delivery day is Thursday, place your order before noon on Wednesday to receive it the next day. You can specify your delivery preferences after checkout via email or text.

We observe federal holidays and will have modified delivery schedules for the following dates:

  • July 4 - Independence Day 
  • September 2 - Labor Day
  • October 14 - Columbus Day
  • November 11 - Veterans Day
  • November 28 - Thanksgiving
  • December 25 - Christmas

Are containers included in the price?

Yes they are! You can choose between a glass jar with metal lid or fabric bag. There are no fees for either containers. 

Where do you get your food?

We source our food from local farms and businesses to guarantee high quality, fresh bulk foods free of artificial ingredients and preservatives.

Our current inventory is mostly organic. We're excited to add non-organic options soon for a variety of preferences and price points!


Which container and size should I get?

What to order 

How do your prices compare?

You can expect our prices to be similar to your local grocery store. By partnering directly with local farms and businesses, we bypass extra costs associated with running a physical store. These savings make their way to you in the form of no service fees and low delivery fees.


How does auto-refill work?

If there are products you eat regularly or always run out of, auto-refill makes it super easy to constantly have these staples in stock. Simply add the product(s) to your cart. Then select the quantity and how frequently you want the product. We will automatically deliver these items in the container you select so that you’ll never be out of oatmeal/rice/granola/your staples again. You also get a discount for putting your pantry on cruise control. How great is that? 

If you go on vacation or want to pause or edit your auto-refill, you can change your selections by messaging us any time!


How do you minimize your impact on the environment?

The ecological impact of every action we take is important to us. To start, we do our research and source from the best. We are a local business. In turn, we support local businesses that provide quality ingredients, document sustainable practices, have high ethical standards, and produce a small carbon footprint. We then package the food in reusable, biodegradable, and refillable containers. We group our deliveries/pickups by zones and only deliver/pickup trice a week. Even our sanitization process is free of toxins to not pollute our waterways.


What types of containers do you use?

All our containers are non-toxic, BPA-free, reusable, biodegradable, and refillable. Our permanent containers are made from glass with metal lids. Our refill bags are from all-natural cotton.


What if I have my own containers?

Awesome! Use our size guide in the product pictures to figure out which size refill bag best fits your needs.


What are the fabric bags for?

If you already have containers at home, we’re happy to put them to good use! Use our size guide in the product pictures to figure out which size refill bag best fits your needs. 


What do I do with the jars and bags afterwards?

Our containers are reusable so feel free to keep them to store your food items. The fabric bags are a great alternative to plastic produce bags for you to use at the produce aisle or at your farmer's market. You can also place used jars and fabrics bags into our tote and leave outside for us to pick up and sanitize on your next delivery day.

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